The UGalilee spring 2013 Semester in Israel has been deferred.
Please contact us for information on other Israel programming from the University of Miami.
Biology Pre-Med Studies International Studies Journalism/Communication Judaic Studies Archaeology Religious Studies

Welcome to the University of Miami's Semester in Israel - UGalilee

UGalilee, held every Spring Semester, is the University of Miami's (UM) Semester in Israel. It is located in Karmiel, a modern city just a short bus ride from Haifa, Israel's second largest city.

The semester-long program combines classroom lectures with field work in one of Israel's most culturally and ethnically diverse areas, where Jews, Arabs, and Druze have lived peacefully side-by-side for decades. Students are enrolled in courses taught by UM and Israeli faculty. UGalilee features an introductory Hebrew language program and courses in the following areas: Biology, International Studies, Journalism, Judaic Studies, Religious Studies, Geography, Social Sciences, and Humanities. The UM credits for these courses can be used to fulfill general education requirements and will be counted as part of a student's GPA. Successful students earn 18 UM credits. The program includes  10 faculty-led study trips throughout the country.

T he program is open to qualified students from UM and from other universities.
The UGalilee semester follows the Israeli academic schedule rather than the  UM Coral Gables schedule. Thus, the next UGalilee program begins February 11th, and concludes June 16th, 2013.

UGalilee is a MASA-recognized program
UGalilee is supported by the University of Miami's Citizen Board